Recently, I was accused of being the most conservative driver ever. That is, I don’t drive with a “lead foot” and I rarely ever slam on the breaks. On the thought of it, I figured the reason for me doing this it my want for the operation of the vehicle to be a fluid as possible. I try, to not much success, to make everything I do to be as fluid as possible. For example, Surfing, it’s been described as a dance. I’m not talking about short boarders doing crazy maneuvers, I’m talking about longboarders who glide across the wave with fluid motions that aren’t far from the water itself.

I could not help concluding this man felt the most supreme pleasure while he was driven on so smoothly by the sea.
-James Cook

That feeling of gliding across the water is one of the best in the word. I can’t think of anything better…

This brings me to the pelican, this is the most awesome bird, apart from the penguin. If you’ve ever seen one as it flies just centimeters above the water, using the air pressure created by the advancing wave, you know what I’m talking about. Humanity in general is like this pelican crashed into the wave. Confused about what just happened, looking around hoping the weren’t seen. The pelican at least recovers and is awesome again. We should all try to be more like this pelican.