Because that seems to be a hot topic with the whole 666(06/06/2006) business. Here is something I + Iain wrote via SubEthaEdit.

In the beginning there was darkness (po). Then someone through an apple core across the street so then some wacky mumbo-jumbo happened. And it was good.

Then, for a long time, nothing happened.

Then, some stuff happened. Followed by another long period of nothing. People get tired of constantly having their emotions toyed with by the great supernatural powers that were controllong the flow of stuff happening.

So they burned some witches. And it was good.

The Monty from the monastery came to tell the people how to tell if one is a witch.

From the book of Python Scene 24,

Ah, but how do we tell that one is a witch? They float. Duh.
And why to witches float? Because they weigh the same as ducks.
So.. if they weigh the same as a duck… they’re made of wood
(because wood floats too), and therefore A WITCH!

After the festiveness of the witch burnination, more stuff happened just to mess with all the people.

During the period of the stuff happening, the Hermit from the hills came down from the hills and began proselytizing about the stuff that is happening.

From the book of Stuff 10,

Thus says the Hermit, There was a large rock on a hill.
having observed the rock for some time, the local hooligans
decided to push the rock off the hill. They made the
thousand mile journey through the wastelands of Mexico
to the top of the hill. Having reached the top, the rock was
pushed of the top of the hill. It rolled and rolled and rolled
and rolled and rolled and rolled. Then it crushed the town below.
sparring the small community of witches
So spake the Hermit, so the Hermit shall speak forever more.

After hearing the Hermit speak, the land was thrown back into witch burnination mode. So they burned some witches. And it was good. For a time ominous music

Now, with all this burning going on other people were bound to notice. And they did. Well, obviously the EPA was not very happy with the massive atmosphere pollution caused by the burning of many humans. So they rolled into town with a fleet of blackhawks and arrested the lot of them. Thus, the burnination problem was solved by the government.

With the burnination problem solved, people were at a loss as to what to do now. Of course, they were in jail. But what to do in jail.. the life is rather… slow. SO they burned some witches.

After completing the the vicious cycle of stuff happening, stuff not happening, and the witch burnination that was described to them in the book of Stuff. The people were at a loss as to what to do, almost on the verge of being thrown back into the cycle of stuff not happening. People decided it would be fun to try to convert the masses to Stuffisum. So they had some crusades. (but deiced to burn some witches instead, omit, hobbit, sorry i was rambling)

From the book of Charlemagne random page,
I am above grammar

Charlemagne was walking up and down his rows and rows of troops. The then proceeded to sing “War is a Science” from the Broadway production “Pippin”

From the book of Charlemagne another random page,

War is a science, With rules to be applied
Which good soldiers appreciate, Recall and recapitulate
Before they go to decimate, The other side
Now, gentlemen, this is the plan for tomorrow’s skirmish
The army of the enemy is stationed on the hill
So we’ve got to bring them down here, and this is How
we will Our men in the ravine (That’s this area in green)
Will move across the valley where they plainly Can be seen
And the enemy (in blue) will undoubtedly pursue
For that’s what you depend upon an enemy to do

Then to guarantee their folly We’ll bring bowmen into play
Who will fire just one volley And retire to point “A”
And then, and then, And gentlemen, and then….

Being motivated by the song people were very eggier to fight for this illiterate man, but then the whole bubonic plague happened.

There was madness and death all across Europe, it was the “black death.” The people first blamed witches for this plague, so they burned a few, but that didn’t do anything. Well it turned out that the rat “witches” caused it. Totally ignoring this, people took more notice of the big dark cloud that was over Europe for a few hundred years, because of this cloud people decided to call this period in time, the dark ages, because they were dark.

After that blew over, the population of Europe was a considerable amount less than it was before, so a whole bunch of people became spaniards. Now that they were Spaniards they had this great want to “discover” things that were already there. So they sent some people, and the “West Indies” were “discovered”. Then they sailed around the “new world” and came to a lovely harbor they eventually came to call “San Diego”

After some time passed, a dude from boston or something. Came to “San Diego” and made a school he called “High Tech High.” At this “High Tech High” they began to mess with gravity, time, nuclear bondage(strong force), and a bunch of other stuff you shouldn’t mess with. One day someone accidentally left a gravity powered particle accelerator in a time machine on. This caused the balance of the universe to become not balanced. There was a large explosion.

End of the World (with trumpets and such).

And that is why you shouldn’t throw an apple core across the street.