I've been back in Hawaii for about a month now, school has been going for most of that time. I've given myself quite a challenge this semester with a full 15 unit load (that is semester units... which are different somehow from the quarter system). A full four of my classes are undergrad/graduate combined courses and it is looking like that will be the norm from here on until I graduate. Another thing going on, half my classes are at the Oceanic Institute, which is awesome (more on that later). So just to let you know what classes I am taking, here is the list:

  • Chemical Oceanography (3)</li>
  • Chemical Oceanography Lab (2)</li>
  • Geological Oceanography (3)</li>
  • Hawaiian Natural History (3)</li>
  • Physics 3: Modern Physics (3)</li></ul></p>

    There is however, one major difference between this year and the previous 3, I am living off campus. This means, more than anything, that I need to deal with feeding myself. I suspect I'm unlike the typical college student in that I do not have any ramen around. And also unlike many people that I know who are my age, I know how to use a kitchen. For me, this largely means baking, so I'll stop stalling and show some pictures!<br /><img src="http://andrewbarna.org/photos/gallery3/var/resizes/Random%20Stuff/CIMG1813.jpg" /><br />The above is my first attempt at cinnamon swirl bread, it was delicious and quickly consumed by me and my flatmates. I have also been making bagels on the weekends to have throughout the week.<br /><img src="http://andrewbarna.org/photos/gallery3/var/resizes/Random%20Stuff/IMG_0448.jpg" /><br />As you can see, I love garlic and onion, I tried putting the toppings in the bread itself, but it didn't turn out the way I hopped. This weekend I'm planning on making more bagels but also some rolls for lunches or dinners.</p>

    I also am working with a professor on campus on a geoneutrino project, also more on that later, but here is a small teaser made using matplotlib with basemap (python).<br /></p>