Last week I did two weeks of school compressed into one. Why? might you ask? It is because I am this week at the AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, OR (more on this later). One of the more awesome classes I had (last week) was MARS 2053 or General Oceanography Lab 2. As you might be able to guess based on the oceanography bit of that, this lab was on the boat.<br /><img src="" height="330px" width="500px"/><br /><br />Our task was to follow around 6 holy (as in it has holes in it) sock drogues to track the current at different levels of the water column.<br /><img src="" height="330px" width="500px"/><br /><br />There was all manner of marine life out and about (more than I had seen before). This life included and group of sea turtles that the boat had to dodge, a large number of whales, and what appeared to be a booby of some kind (the bird).<br /><img src="" height=330px" width="500px"/><br /><br />I am currently, although a bit slowly, working on the data as part of the laboratory assignment. I am very distracted by the AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting currently.<br /><br />-Andrew