Barna, A
R/V Kilo Moana


  • Lat: 20 24.303 N
  • Lon: 158 50.004 W
  • Speed: 12 Kts
  • Heading: 47
  • Sal: 35.227 PSU
  • SST: 25 °C
  • Pres: 1015 mbar
  • Air Temp: 23 °C

Weather and Sea State Observations

Swell height perhaps 0-1 meter. Cloud cover is 25% or less

Journal Entry

My final day on the KM. I got up late, again, awesome. Missed breakfast, again, not awesome.

Finally saw another ship today, a whole 11 days at sea and I finally see another ship. I bet if I were to look out tonight I might see one. I quickly ran up to the bridge to see what ship it was. The answer, Ocean Prince, an empty cargo vessel heading toward china. It quickly disappeared as we were going in opposite directions.

Lunch today was pasta with some sort of pesto sauce. I really stocked up on the garlic bread. After lunch I drove the ship again, just cause I could. At 1430 or so most of the science party watched the movie Serenity in the lounge.

After the movie there was a bit of time to kill between dinner, which I spent on the bridge with the captain, flying a kite and scaring off seabirds.

Dinner was Surf and Turf. Filet mignon and snow crab. Fresh bread was also available. They pulled out all the stops for the final dinner at sea. Dessert was baklava and delicious. The smell of the galley permeated the entire ship well before it was dinner time.

After dinner many of us went out to the back deck to watch the sunset. A mighty fine one I might add, with brilliant crepuscular rays in many directions. In all, probably one of the best sunsets of the entire cruise and definitely the best sunset where the sun couldn’t actually be seen.

This will be my last entry from sea for this cruise. Cleaning needs to be done and we are scheduled to pull into port around 0700 tomorrow.