It has been a while since I’ve posted… as usual.

Tomorrow I start day one of a little secret project that will make all my marine science peers at HPU get super jealous. Tomorrow I start a 12 (ish) day oceanographic cruise aboard the Kilo Moana. I of course… am slightly nervous about going, this will be my longest cruise to date (the last one was 4 days) and will be the furthest away from land I have ever been by ship. This particular cruise will be servicing some moorings near the Johnston Atoll. The primary research focus is on internal waves.

I will have limited internet access tomorrow and I fully expect to be unreachable for the duration of the cruise. However, if I do have internet, I will attempt to post about what is going on, though text only… Photos will come after the cruise is complete.

Exciting times for a lowly undergraduate oceanography student such as myself!.