So this is a day or so late but I have good reason! Wednesday was super busy. I had Japanese at my normal time of 0955, as usual I go downtown early to get some work done. In Japanese were introduced to our first 24 kanji, of a total 2000+. This was met with much excitement in class, as sensei put it, "now we are a real Japanese class!" After Japanese class I had the usual 3 hour break before math class, I went to the tutoring center and got more help with Japanese. Math class was quite interesting, and we are still getting started with series (all we will do is test to divergence or convergence).<br /><br />After math class I had a meeting with the residence life coordinator on the Hawaii Loa Campus about an upcoming interhall competition called Superhalls which will be taking place next semester, most of everything is planned and just the more fine logistics need to be worked out. After that meeting, I had time to eat dinner at the DC. After dinner (I get no breaks) was a board game (meeting?), after the board game was a RAC (residence activity council) meeting where events for December and finals food were planned (more on finals food when we get to finals week). And finally after the RAC meeting, it was bowling night (a RAC event) at Pali Lanes in Kailua.<br /><br />I wasn't very good, but a lot of fun was had. We didn't get home until 0030 (Thursday) and I was getting up early to go hiking.<br /><br />-Andrew