Thursday was a holiday, meaning no classes held, so what did I do with my free day? Hike up a mountain is what! We left the Hawaii Loa Campus on foot around 0850 headed toward the Pali Highway. Our goal, what we know as the "Pali Puka." When viewed from campus, there appears to be a small hole in the side of the cliff to the right of the Pali lookout, it was our intention to hike to this location from campus. After walking up the Pali Highway for a bit, we came to the trailhead of the Maunawili demonstration trail, a few hundred meters in and we split right toward the Pali lookout.<br /><img src="" /><br />When almost at the pali lookout, we split left up a side valley in search of a geocache (which was found after much searching). Our search for the geocache sent us to a nice set of waterfalls. After signing in at the cache, we continued up the old pali road to the pali lookout, no time was wasted and we set out straight for the puka. This trail is not for those who have any fear of heights as we were often walking right along the ridge with a 400+meter drop on one side and a not fun (though less fatal) set of vegetation on the other side. The hard work paid off and we finally made it to the puka.<br /><img src="" /><br />(The above image is Max looking out at the Hawaii Loa Campus [Just under his chin] and at Kaneohe). We spent some time at the Puka just admiring our location. A group photo was in order, luckily I had a remote control for my camera!<br /><br />An exam and even more adventures are planned for tomorrow!<br />-Andrew