So I’ve already failed at the taking of a photo every day. I didn’t take any photos today, but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about what happened today.j

My tuesdays start with a one hour recitation for my physics class at 0800. I am not a morning person, so naturally I was slightly late to class which culminated in a brief staring contest with the professor (in good spirit). We are starting in on rotational motion, which is quite similar to the translational motion so this section of study should not be to hard.

There is about a 2 hours break between the recitation and the lecture for physics, I took the opportunity to finish some p-chem (thermodynamics) homework.

After physics (more rotational motion), I ate lunch at the DC (Dining Commons), it was hot dog day (woo!).

Finally at 1400 or so, is my p-chem class. There are only 6 students in this class (myself included) but it seems to be the talk of the campus. Just a few weeks ago I was in my calc class and overheard a conversation where the topic was the p-chem class I was in. Given the small number of people actually in that class, I knew that those discussing the class aren’t in it. I chose not to reveal that I was in the p-chem class.

Recently I’ve been doing a sort of behavioral experiment on people, nothing mean or unethical and I’m not even collecting any data. What I do is walk on the left side of the paths around campus, that’s it. The fun occurs when someone is walking toward me (from their perspective they are on the right of the path). Usually we are set to collide and I hold my course to see how they respond. The results have been rather interesting, people will go out of their way to pass me on my left (they keep right). They will even leave a paved path to accomplish this. It is just amazing how much people desire to pass by me on my left. It makes me wonder if the opposite occurs in countries where people drive on the oposite side of the road than we do in the United States. Something to think about…