There is something green in the waters off Scripps! <br /><img src="" width="500px" height="347px" /><br />As you can see, there might be an algal bloom happening right off the coast. One of the more awesome parts of working at Scripps is that I am surround by all manner of marine biologists and oceanographers, so when something strange happens the whole community discusses it. It wasn't long before an email was sent to everyone at SIO asking what the "green in the water" was. Replies came quickly, the most informative was from SCCOOS:

The harmless, green foam that invaded Orange and LA County beaches in late July has extended down to San Diego County. Last week, researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography also found Tetraselmis, a microscopic green algae, in samples from Scripps Pier. The foam has persisted this week, though it's patchy distribution make it visible only at some beaches and the foam becomes more apparent in the afternoon when the wind and waves mix the surface waters. This green flagellate which is only 10 micrometers in size has been found in concentrations as dense as 15 million cells per liter of seawater. There are no documented health hazards with swimming or fishing in areas of Tetraselmis blooms.<br/>-</a></blockquote>So the good news is, it won't hurt you, the bad news is, it looks kinda gross.<br />-Andrew</p>