While there is not much to talk about regarding what I'm doing at Scripps, I've mostly been doing various programing tasks and some html work (which can hardly be called 'programing'). I'm also likely to go on another oceanographic cruise out of Hawai for two weeks or so, more on that when it gets closer though (January of 2011).<br /><br />The real interesting thing about San Diego right now is how cold it has been for the past month. While the rest of the country has been hot hot hot, San Diego just barely gets above 20°C. It has been cloudy and overcast almost all day around the office I work in and I have been needing to wear my HPU sweater (got to represent!). Not only has it been cold, we had coldest July in 77 years. Just so you understand how 'big' this is, it was front page news</a> in the local paper. Outside of work I've had some cooking adventures that I will post about soon.<br /><br />-Andrew</p>