It is finals week here at HPU. This is where the past semester usually cumulates into an intense session of recall and quick thinking. As has become tradition before finals, the Sunday before finals is reserved for some outdoor activity. Last semester we climbed Konahuanui an intense 8 hour ordeal that was well rewarded when the summit was reached. This semester we decided to swim out to what we call flat island (Popoi’a Island) just off shore of Kailua beach. The island itself is a bird sanctuary, though one can walk around the edge of the island.

In other news, some of the largest waves to hit the north shore in the past 5 or so years rolled in last week. This allowed to the Eddie Aikau surf contest. Many people were absent from class last week due to the events going on at the north shore. I, not having class on monday, took a trip to Waimea bay where the waves were up to 10 meters high. It was an awesome sight.

2 finals down, 2 to go!