Last week I went to visit a professor during office hours. This particular professor was one of mathematics, specifically calculus. I’m taking a calc class online as taking it in a physical class room at the times and locations available would have interfered with my marine science obligations. I had an interesting talk with the professor about how the course was going. This talk culminated into him going over almost every derivative rule there is. Which will be very helpful for the upcoming section.

This past weekend I went to Waimea Bay. A good time was spent on the beach hanging out with other people from my hall. A grill was brought and I made hotdogs for any who wanted it. It’s not often I get to see the sunset over the ocean here (it sets over the mountains as viewed from the Hawaii Loa Campus (windward)). There was an awesome double rainbow as well.

It has been raining since sometime yesterday and looks like it might continue off and on until sometime midweek, then start up again at the end of the week. I love rain (except when I want to go to the beach).

Till next time,