Last Wednesday I had my first field lab in MARS 2061 (General Oceanography 1), for those of you who don't know, that lab is on board HPU's teaching research vessel, R/V Kaholo. This particular lab was a bathymetric survey of a small section of ocean about 5km offshore. Bathymetry being the underwater equivalent of topography or the mapping of the depths of the ocean. For the lab we were in 3 separate teams, each took a turn taking and recording data. My team was the first to record data, after our shift was over, we were free to entertain ourselves while the other teams took their turn. Since I couldn't just leave the lab (we were in the middle of the Pacific), I just enjoyed the opportunity to be offshore of Oahu while occasionally writing a thought down in my notebook. The there are about 350 data points to work on so I spent almost all day Monday crunching data.<br /><br />In other news, this past weekend I did a Hike up Olomana, though only to the first peak. It is a rather mild hike compared to Konahuanui but the view was just incredible.<br /><img src="" width="500px" height="85px"/></a><br /> At the top we found a geocache, quite awesome.<br /><img src="" height="330px" width="500px"/></p>