CCHDO (CLIVAR (Climate Variability and Predictability) and Carbon Hydrographic Data Office), yes that is double parenthesis, is the data office I’ve been working in for the past three or so months. I’m in the student office that houses four of the roughly 10 employees. Soon three of us will be leaving, one has reached the limit of how long they may be employed. Another is going to travel the world then join the peace corps. And finally, I will be returning to HPU in a week. Friday we had our departing party to honor those who will be leaving. Many good times were had.

Conversations with those who have been in the oceanographic field for a long time can be extremely enlightening. Jim Swift, the head of CCHDO (though there might be an oversight committee), is one such person who has been in the field for a long time. The dinner party conversation included his reminisces of his graduate school experience. From a rough start in graduate school, he is now well respected in the field and even taught a graduate student who would become an HPU professor, they will remain unnamed. When I asked about how I might get the opportunity to go to sea, Jim suggested that I might look at the Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) cruises that happen once a month or so. It would be an honor for the opportunity to participate in collecting the data that I see come into the CCHDO.

I have lots to do my last week at the CCHDO and hopefully I’ll be able to post the final product of what I have been working on all summer soon.

I’m apparently NOT an intern but something else… (“we don’t know what you are” -Jim)

Hawaii in 10 days.