Last Tuesday I went to see a "discussion" with Freeman Dyson</a>, a rather well known theoretical physicist. While there he talked about a whole range of subjects from nuclear physics</a> to global warming</a>, from quantum consciousness</a> to religion and science</a>. He had some interesting and often controversial ideas. Being the University of California, San Diego</a>, I would imagine that the free exchange of ideas, especially the most controversial ones, would be highly encouraged. After sixty minutes of formal interview, there was a half hour period of open questions from the audience, then we were released to the courtyard for both refreshments and discussion. Very enlightening indeed. The recording that was made should be available for viewing</a> sometime late August.<br /><img src=""/><br /><br />The internet keeps no secrets, and utilizing trial and error and crowdsourcing</a>, the secret eleven herbs and spices</a> was reportedly discovered. Even if they are not what is actually on the recipe, the results were still tasty good.<br />Mixing the herbs and spices...<br /><img src=""/><br /><br />Making sure the oil is the proper temperature...<br /><img src=""/><br /><br />The chicken ready to go..<br /><img src=""/><br /><br />the end results...<br /><img src=""/><br /><br />The final meal, if we keep eating like this we are going to die early...<br /><img src=""/><br /><br />Till next time...<br />-Andrew</p>