It was Scripps day at SIO</a> last friday. Which meant, among other things, open house at the pier and free lectures from some of Scripps' top researchers. I've practically grown up in the shadow of the pier. My favorite San Diego surf spot is just north of it. <br /><img src=""/><br />So the opportunity to go out on it I wasn't going to miss. Out at the end there are all kinds of science type things going on. It was interesting to see the amount of anemometers, there must have been 7 or 8 out at the end of the pier. The reason I was told was that there is currently no easy way to share the data from them, so each group needs their own.<br /><img src=""/></a><br />From the end of the pier you can see the entirety of the Scripps campus. The building I work in is way up the hill.<br /><img src=""/></a><br />Also... there are trained attack penguins in a room just across the patio of the building I'm in.<br /><img src=""/><br /><br />That's all for now...<br />-Andrew</p>