I’ve walked by this place several times wondering if it is any good. Finally I go in and see whats what, especially considering that I’ve seen quite a crowd inside the place. Just based on the menu always posted outside, I figured it was more of a local food place.


The cafe itself is located on the corner of Fort Street and some other street I don’t know the name of, right across from subway and the 1132 Bishop building. Given that it was a more local place, I ordered a loco moco.


The eggs were awesome, nice and runny, just how I like them. You may also notice that there are onions on it as well, a nice touch, especially because they were nice and crunchy.


The loco moco was not quite what I expected from one. While I probably won’t go back to the cafe, they clearly have something to offer, as the place filled completely while I was eating the food. Perhaps I just chose the wrong thing, maybe it was just an off day. They have a bunch of breakfast foods on the menu like pancakes and stuff, I’m guessing that Dreamer’s would be the place to be for some breakfast awesome.

My verdict is: Glad I tried it.

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