• Date: 2013-03-14
  • Position: Still on a train to Chichibu
  • Speed: 0 (at a station)
  • Heading: Nirthish
  • Air Temp: 9C
  • Wind Speed: -
  • Cloud: -
  • Prep: -
  • SST: -
  • SSS: -


Today I had a bunch of bread for breakfast, but not just any bread, Japanese breads. I had three kinds, onion bread, some sort of shrimp bread, and what is becoming my favorate, kare (curry) bread (I’ve had a lot of curry here). I also ate at Mos Burger, mainly because I had heard it was like McDonalds but with the Japanese quality. I simply had a mosburger and some potato french fries. Later, I found some food trucks, and, I can’t resist food trucks, and these were food trucks IN JAPAN. From them I had a Sweet Chili French Dog, which was very close to Puka (now Hula) Dog in Waikiki.